International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI)
International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI)

Information Sharing Strategic Blueprint, ISAO-in-a-Box



IACI Provides Expert Guidance, Tools, Technologies, Operational / Resource / Management Support to 

Rapidly Operationalize a First-Class Security Information Sharing Community

Information Sharing Organizations 

May Be Formed Based on Region, 

Critical Infrastructure Sector, Sub-Sector, 

Additional Communities-of-Interest or Other Affinity

Public or Private 

Individual ISAOs/ISACs, or 

Organizational Internal/External Information Sharing

IACI's ISAO Strategic Planning Blueprint (ISAO-in-a-Box)

Enables perspective Information Sharing Entities (based on community, region, sector, sub-sector, organization or any affinity)

to obtain expert guidance, organizational, operational, technology, and security intelligence support to cost-effectively

operationalize and proactively manage sharing threat and defensive measures intelligence - reducing security risk.

IACI Guidance - Moving Rapidly from Concept to Operations. 

IACI Assists Communities To:
  • Form a Legal Business Entity or Establish an Information Sharing Division for Existing Organizations
  • Meet Standards and Best Practices
  • Develop Governance, Bylaws, Policies, Financial Model, Budget, Member / Information Sharing Agreements, Consultant / Employee Agreements, Vendor Agreements, etc.
  • Develop a Winning Strategy - Strategic Plan and  Business Plan
IACI Provides a Formula For:
  • Enabling Individual and Organizational Cooperation/Collaboration/Coordination
  • Defining the Information Sharing Value Proposition - Products, Services and Support, Multi-Sector Engagement
  • Marketing, Building and Sustaining Participation - Ensuring ROI
  • Integrating IACI, IACINet and Strategic Partner Services
  • Sharing and Coordinating Threat Intelligence and  Response
IACI Provides Access To:
  • Assistance in Participating in Risk Reducing Information Sharing Activities
  • Analysis of Sector and Cross-Sector Risks
  • US and International Policy - ISAO Advocacy, ISAO Global Network
  • IACI Services - Management, Operations, Analysts, and Technology
  • IACINet Threat, Intel  Infrastructure
  • Defining Voice, ROI - Projects & Programs
  • Research, Education and Training